Time Management Software


Sure, everyone is working a lot... but is everyone working efficiently?

EffiWork is a software that allows you to measure employee's efficiency levels and understand work dynamics.

With EffiWork you can eliminate time thieves, improve work habits and increase productivity.


  • Automatic detection of applications: EffiWork automatically detects the applications or web pages that are used in your organization
  • Productivity map: allows to classify by group the list of applications into productive and non-productive
  • Productivity: it is equivalent to the working time in applications previously defined as productive. EffiWork allows you to identify which part of the active time is productive and which part is not
  • Activity versus productivity: detailed reports per day, teams or employees of activity and productivity levels
  • Breakdown of productive time between work on the PC and work offline
  • Detailed activity invested in productive applications
  • Usage detail of one application per day, group or employees
  • Attendance hours, real activity, breaks and overtime

Available in

Windows Mac Android

Free Trial - 15 days


  • Automatic data collection with no manual data entry required
  • EffiWork provides objective data on employee performance and productivity and helps to make better decisions
  • Brings greater visibility to workplace dynamics giving team leaders a complete scorecard that allows them to better manage teams and make data-driven decisions
  • Teams can access data from anywhere at any time. The ability to share information remotely increases efficiency and brings teams into alignment. Team leaders can manage staff better and more easily
  • Productivity increases are immediately visible, so companies can expect fast and continuous ROI
  • Improve Employee Time Management: EffiWork gives employees objective data on their own performance. They can see and improve bad habits, manage better interruptions, analyse their particular time thieves and also improve their ability to plan and maintain focus on tasks
  • Pay-per-use model - no license required
  • No investment in infrastructure
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Adapts easily to mobile usage and to distributed environments
  • Exportable data in PDF, CSV and Excel

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