General Questions

What is WorkMeter?

WorkMeter is a software solution that gives companies visibility of employee activity and allows them to measure productivity and application usage. Installation is quick and simple and there is no need for infrastructure. WorkMeter collects information on application usage and page visits to determine if employees are focused on work tasks and to evaluate workloads and level of effort. All information is presented to both manager and employee in a way that is objective and transparent. The focus stays on productivity and everyone benefits. More information.

How can WorkMeter help my company?

Knowing how employee time is spent at work is vital to every organisation. It is the only was a company can determine if its resources are consistently focused on activities that deliver real value and identify problem areas. As companies grow, managers often lose the capacity to know what teams are working on and are not able to measure work productivity. They have no way of evaluating workloads to see if additional resources are required and are unable to make clear decisions. Employees are not always informed of strategic objectives and may spend time on activities that are not aligned with goals. With WorkMeter, companies are able to actually change organisational culture and develop a work model based on co-responsibility, management by objectives and greater work place flexibility. It delivers a range of benefits and allows companies to dynamically improve productivity. Read more.

Does WorkMeter measure real activity and productivity?

WorkMeter measures productivity by registering time spent on activities carried out in devices like PCs. A productivity map configured the company itself determines the percentage of this activity that is considered productive time. In this way, the overall amount of time a company spends on productive activities can be assessed.

Does WorkMeter respect employee privacy?

WorkMeter never collects e-mail or chat content and upholds employee privacy. The solution simply registers time spent on applications and websites considered by the company and department to be productive or unproductive to determine individual activity levels, but it never records at the level of content. WorkMeter also allows the definition of time ranges when employees can take free time, during which no activity is registered.

What makes WorkMeter different than spy software?

WorkMeter is a tool designed to allow employees to improve time management. It gathers only activity data by application use or website visits in order to effectively measure productivity levels. It never captures the content of documents or e-mails or takes screen shots. Employees have greater visibility of their own metrics than even managers, who can only see total time spent on productive tasks but do not see any details on unproductive applications or websites. Employees, on the other hand, can view in more detail how unproductive time has been spent so they can begin to improve work habits.

How do I get started with WorkMeter?

Here are the steps to take to begin using WorkMeter to measure and improve productivity:

  • Clearly communicate with employees
  • Install the WorkMeter client in employee devices
  • Configure work groups
  • Analyse initial data coming in
  • Configure the productivity map
  • Start measuring and improving

For more information on how to install WorkMeter or to view tutorial videos, click here.

How does the application work?

A small application, called a client, must be installed on computers and devices. This client logs the applications used and websites visited and sends the information to the WorkMeter database for processing. WorkMeter is a cloud-based solution, so you get up and running immediately without having to configure servers or databases.

What kind of infrastructure do I need?

None! WorkMeter is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. No servers, firewalls, security backups are required so there are no IT costs to worry about. Installation is complete in a few minutes and works transparently without interfering with your existing activities or infrastructure. Try it absolutely free, with no commitment required and begin to measure productivity across your company in minutes.

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