Project management software


WorkProject monitors the time you spend on and offline and the rule filtering system automatically links time spent to the right projects. There are no errors or omissions, data is 100% objective.

With WorkProject you can calculate, in real time, the cost of your projects, the amount of billable hours and identify possible deviations from the forecasts.

Increase your project's profitability


  • Conditional rules that detect which Project you are working on
  • Activity per project: with a quick glance you can see how much time has been invested in each project.
  • Break down report of activity per project and employee
  • Costs: WorkProject allows you to enter the hourly rate cost of your employees so you can calculate, in real time, the cost of your projects
  • Billing: WorkProject calculates the total of billable hours
  • Expenses: the employees can introduce their expenses and link them to a specific project
  • Report of deviations between the initial forecasts and the results.
  • Activity Editor: You can add and link offline activity to a project.

Available in

Windows Mac Android

Free Trial - 15 days


  • Automatic. It is 100% objective. You do not have to remember to start and stop a timer each time you switch projects
  • Save time in manual reporting. Employees have more time to do their job
  • Allows real time control of how much time has been invested in a project. You can check if results are aligned with the forecasts
  • Helps project management and follow up by day, and employee. In one click, you can see how your team is doing
  • Better control of workloads
  • Easy control over margins and cash flow
  • You can, at any time, calculate the profitability of your projects
  • Software as a Service, 100% web based. Accessed from any part of the world with an internet enabled device
  • Software that requires no infrastructure investment and allows fast implementation and deployment at no cost to your organisation
  • Quick and easy installation

Unique fully automatic project software management
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