Only that which can be measured can be improved  

About WorkMeter

WorkMeter was founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Joan Pons. The company counts on a team of seasoned SaaS (Software as a Service) experts as well as a group of strategic IT industry partners.

Since its launch, WorkMeter has steadily grown its client portfolio across Europe and Latin America, expanding its wide network of partners.

WorkMeter has consolidated its customer portfolio over time to include diverse customers in a wide range of sectors including IT, Engineering, the Public Sector, Banking and Insurance. It is the leading productivity software in Spain with over 15,000 users.

There are two ways to improve: by measuring or by chance. Which do you choose?

Our Mission

Organisations are ever more aware of the need for social responsibility and the capacity to adapt to change and new ways of working, while keeping company productivity high. But fear of change can be paralysing for companies.

That's why WorkMeter's mission as a productivity software is to help companies and organisations to modernise their company culture and adapt to technological and organisational change while maintaining competitiveness and maximising their human talent. Your people are your most valuable asset, but the most difficult one to manage.

Teleworking, flexible hours, work-life balance, how employee productivity effects profits, the proliferation of social networks and the retention of talent are just some of the trends companies must confront as they look to optimise resources and improve productivity in order to be more competitive.

Successful adaptation to these trends requires not only organisational change but also the support of the human resources team who is tasked with training your talent. Getting HR on board ensures that employees learn how to keep the focus on their objectives and understand how they fit your company’s overall strategic growth plan.

WorkMeter helps companies manage talent and performance, improve organizational efficiency, and adopt flexible workplace policies.

Read a letter from our CEO about work-life balance.

Our Vision

WorkMeter is a productivity software that delivers objective data so employees can evaluate their own performance, better manage their time and view structural changes positively.

WorkMeter offers organisations an objective system that enables them to establish continuous improvement in work performance. It improves individual commitment and workplace motivation, allowing employees to see their individual contribution as well as that of the entire team.

We aim to become the world leader in productivity software, bringing organizations objective evaluation, helping them to establish continuous improvement processes and supporting their growth.

WorkMeter helps foster co-responsibility between employee and manager and create a culture in which efficiency and productivity come first. It’s a model that drives continuous improvement and objective-based management.

WorkMeter Around the World

Our global network of partners helps companies implement our productivity software, so they can set into motion a company-wide process of continuous improvement and productivity.

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